/ muzaffar warsi: ya rahmatallil aalameen مظفر وارثی: يا رَحْمَةً للعالميں

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  • Muhammad Muzaffar Uddin Siddiqui محمد مظفّر الدّین صدّیقی, commonly known as Muzaffar Warsi مظفّر وارثی was born on 20 December 1933 in Meerut میرٹھ, UP یو پی, India. His father was Sharf Uddin Ahmad شرف الدّین احمد, also known as Sufi Warsi صوفی وارثی. He was from a landlord family of Meerut with Sufi traditions. In Pakistan, Muzaffar Warsi has been associated with the State Bank of Pakistan. He has written in various forms of Urdu poetry, including ghazal غزل, hamd حمد, salam سلام, and naat نعت. He writes his poetry with a distinct style of his own which draws attention, and recites it beautifully. He is best known for his naats, although his ghazals are also of high quality. He has also written songs for Urdu movies.
    Some of his works include: barf ki nao برف کی نائو, baab-e haram بابِ حرم, lehja لہجہ, noor-e azal نُورِ ازل, alhamd الحمد, hisaar حِصار, lahoo ki haryali لہُو کی ہریالی, sitaron ki aabjoo ستاروں کی آبجُو, kaaba-e ishq کعبۂ عشق, khule dareechey band hawa کھُلے دریچے بند ہوا, dil sey dar-e nabi tak دل سے درِ نبیؐ تک, zulm na sehna ظُؒم نہ سہنا, kamand کمند. He has also written an autobiography entitled: gaey dinon ka suraagh گئے دنوں کا سُراغ. He has been awarded the Pride of Performance Award تمغۂ حُسنِ کارکردگی by the Government of Pakistan for his contributions to Urdu Literature. In modern times, when Urdu literature has been dominated by Liberal and leftist tendencies, his poetry has been a unique phenomenon.
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