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  • Lahore University 1998 Urdu Mushaira
    Muzaffar Warsi Poetry in Urdu
    Muzaffar Warsi Poetry - He is a heart-touching and famous Hamd poet, who has written several Ghazals, Nazms and Hycoes as well. Muzaffar Warsi Poetry is comprised of praising ALLAH and Islamic Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He started his poetry by writing lyrics for songs for Pakistani movies but gradually changed direction and his style of poetry and became more oriented towards Islamic philosophy. He was one whose work never fails to surprise his readers, which caused him to received two titles known as Faseeh ul Hind and Sharaf u shu'ara. His most renowned and famous Kalams includes Koi to Hai Jo Nizam E Hasti Chala Raha Hai Wohi Khuda Hai and Ae Khuda Ae Khuda. He was awarded by Pride of Performance in 1988. His literature work includes Al-Hamd, Kaaba-e-Ishq, Dil Sey Dar-e-Nabí Tak, Hisaar and many more. He had been associated with Pakistan’s known daily newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt as a writer.
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    حضرتِ مظفر وارثی کی مقبول غزل "سنبھلنے کے لیے گرنا پڑا ہے" ان کے انداز اور ان کی ظرز میں- مظفر وارثی کی یہ غزل عہدِ حاضر میں دوبارہ سے قبولیتِ عام پا رہی ہے اور ان کے چاہنے والے اس کو جھوم جھوم کار گنگناتے ہیں-
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