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    This is the video opinion about the Quran | Sunny Deol Latest Video | Bollywood news “
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    Bollywood which is a well known name of India and India where Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Christians all live together and also work together in Bollywood. Most of the actors are non-Muslims. One of them is Sunni Deol. Sunni Deol is wanted by many people, most of whom are Muslims. They often make statements to please Muslims. In today's video, his recent statement is given in which he spoke very beautifully about the Holy Quran. Many Muslims were happy because of what he said. And the Muslims also prayed for them that God would grant them the strength to accept Islam.
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    Mehfil e Naat, Hamd, Rasool Allah,
    Islam, Muhammad, Prophet, Allah,
    aqeedat, Naat sharif, naat shareef,
    naat e pak, pak kalam, qawali, kalam
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